EPD of the week

14/12/2011 Five Examples of EPDs sourced from ebookbrowse.com

Kone Corporation Transit Master 140 escalator. This cradle to gate EPD is based on the functional unit of a kilometre distance of escalator step band travel, based on an estimated lifetime of 20 years for the reference escalator, a TransitMaster™ 140 operating 20 hours per day, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year. The Chinese energy mix of energy sources for electricity production has been used for calculating emissions during the life cycle. The EPD has been produced with an external consultant, but has not been verified.

CertainTeed Protectone® mineral fiber ceiling panels.  This cradle to grave EPD is verified through the Green Standard EPD program, and covers a functional unit of “one square foot (3/4”x12”x12”) ceiling panel for use of 50 years.  The use stage is considered for 50 years of service life, though based on typical operational data, this product does not require any inputs during the Use Phase.”

Steelcase’s Think work chair.  The cradle to grave EPD is provided for a functional unit of “Provision of comfortable office seating – with the features stated in the product description – for an average person (99 – 243 lbs.) for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week over a period of 15 years.” The EPD has been produced with outside consultants and verified through an external critical review process.

Xella Baustoffe GmbH Ytong autoclaved aerated concrete.  The cradle to gate EPD is verified through the IBU EPD program for a declared unit of 1 m³ autoclaved aerated concrete.

ABB Power Technologies AB Substation Automation Products.  This manufacturer produced EPD has not been verified, and covers the cradle to gate and indicative distribution and use life cycle phases for a number of systems and accessories.

This week’s five EPD were all found on http://ebookbrowse.com and show the diversity of EPD available, in terms of products covered, types of verification and scheme used and functional units.

7/12/11 Five Examples of IBU EPDs

bauforumstahl Structural Steel: Sections and  Plates The EPD covers 1 kg of structural steel section or plate, as manufactured by the bauforumstahl members, reporting cradle to gate, and the recycling potential at end of life.

Egger Medium and high density fibreboard, and melamine faced MDF The EPD reports per cubic metre of MDF and HDF, and per square metre of melamine faced MDF. Indicators are reported for the cradle to gate, and end of life phase, based on energy recovery  in a biomass generating plant which is common for disposal of this product in Germany.

Industrieverband Keramische Fliesen und Platten ev Ceramic tiles The EPD is a cradle to gate EPD per square metre of tiles, taking data from the majority of the IKFP’s members.

Trane CenTraVac family of Centrifugal Chillers. The EPD reports impact for the Chillers per tonne of chilling capacity on a cradle to grave basis, including the use phase.

Kaldewei GmbH & Co. KG  Steel enamel baths and shower trays The EPD is provided for a declared unit of 1 square metre of an enamelled bath or shower tray, reporting cradle to gate, and the recycling potential at end of life.

These five EPD from the German Institut Bauen und Umwelt give a good idea of the range of products covered by the scheme, which includes not just products used in the building fabric, but also structural elements, services equipment and fittings.
The EPDs report 2 primary energy indicators, and 5 environmental indicators, through some EPD will report additional indicators (eg the bauforumstahl EPD report abiotic depletion.  The EPD also provide information on the use of individual energy sources, water and materials resources and the amount of waste generated.
All EPD cover the “cradle to gate”.  Many will also cover the end of life, often including the benefits of recycling.
The EPD all provide considerable information on the raw materials used, the manufacturing process, the product’s technical properties and information on maintenance and disposal.
The scheme provides an overarching set of Product Category Rules (PCR), currently only available in German, and more detailed interpretive PCR for individual product groups, some of which are available in English.
The scheme is a membership organisation, and appoints independent verifiers to verify EPD.
IBU is currently updating its PCR in line with the new European Standard for construction product PCR, EN 15804 which will be published early in 2012.

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