About me

constructionlca is Jane Anderson.  I was the co-author of BRE’s Green Guide to Specification, and I’m an expert in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and sustainability for the construction materials sector. I’m the UK expert on CEN/TC350/WG3, which developed EN 15804:2013, the European Standard for EPD for construction products, and ISO/TC59/SC17/WG3 which developed ISO 21930:2017, and I recently took over as Chair of B/558, the UK mirror committee for sustainable construction standards.

I run my own consultancy, ConstructionLCA Ltd specialising in EPD Verification, PCR development, Peer Review of LCA studies and Building LCA or Embodied Carobn methodologies, providing advice around LCA and EPD for construction products and buildings and writing guidance on embodied carbon. However I’m currently working on an AHRC OOCDTP funded PhD at the Open University, looking at EPD data for construction products and its influence on Building LCA and Embodied Carbon assessment.

I tweet as @constructionlca

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  1. SMarquit says:

    Hi I have a question about your blog. Could you please email me when you have a free minute? Thanks!

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