I’m for Remain

I believe, as members of the EU, the UK really does influence the Standards and Regulations which the EU creates. I have seen this as a UK expert on the Standards Committee I work on. If we leave, we will have no influence but exporters will still have to meet the standards created without our input. This will be the worst of all worlds.

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Co-author Green Guide to Specification, expert in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), EPDs and sustainability for the construction materials sector Researching Building LCA and how we can increase uptake at the Open University. Tweets as @constructionlca
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3 Responses to I’m for Remain

  1. Sandy Patience says:

    Well said Jane; Even those with only half a brain will be with you. Leaving will be a disaster.

  2. Owen says:

    Crucial point made here by Jane. Unfortunately all of the exciting debates appear to have somehow clouded such facts!

  3. Whole Europe is looking with disbelieve to what happened. What a mistake.

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